Shilpi and Saurabh, New Delhi

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Shilpi and Saurabh, New Delhi



A highlight of Shilpi and Saurabh's wedding were the enchanting flowers that bloomed with every step that the bride took towards the groom which had everyone floored.


Shilpi and Saurabh’s beautiful wedding was an affair to remember and to ensure that their special moments would be captured beautifully and last a lifetime, they hired WeddingSutra Favorite – Dipak Studios. The bride shares with us the pictures and highlights of the celebrations.

How We Met 

“Ours is an arranged marriage. Saurabh and I were introduced to each other through our parents, and it took us just one meeting to figure out that we were the right match for each other. There was no awkwardness between us, and we had very similar dreams and aspirations which is what made us realize that this was it. When we broke the news to our family and friends, they were all quite surprised by how quickly we had made up our minds!

Wedding Venues 

“In most cases, it’s the bride who is most excited about finalizing the wedding venues. In my case, the decision was taken between my parents and Saurabh. From the hotels that my parents saw in New Delhi and the NCR area, they liked Vivanta Surajkund, Radisson Blu Kaushambi, and The Umrao the best. They called Saurabh before finalizing the properties, and the locations were booked! I have to admit that they did take a good call. I loved the all three places and the teams that worked with us in putting everything together were brilliant.”

Wedding Planning 

“Our wedding was planned by us and photographed by Dipak Studios. I had seen their work before since they had covered a few of my friends’ weddings too. However, when we saw the pictures that they had clicked at our wedding, we fell in love with their work all over again! They have done such a great job that even our family members can’t stop appreciating them!”

Wedding Functions


“Our engagement at Vivanta Surajkund marked the beginning of our wedding celebrations and what left all our guests awestruck was my entry. My cousins stood in rows covering the doorway, and they parted to make way when I arrived. We also had an eye-catching pathway that led me to Saurabh, and this was our decorator’s creative genius. The way was lined with inflatable flowers which bloomed as I walked past them! The night saw a dance by Saurabh and me which he was ready to back out of at the last minute! He was so scared before the performance. However, when we received a stand ovation and loud cheers he was all set to perform once again! I wore a Payal Singhal gown for this event, and my makeup was done by Sakshi Sood.”


“My mehndi took place by the pool at Radisson Blu Kaushambi Delhi NCR, and I felt that the decor here was simply stunning. The bridal seating was covered in fresh marigold blooms and bicycles with pinwheels made for the cutest table centerpieces. We also had a folk singer who performed for our guests at this event. I wore a lavender lehenga for this function which I bought from Kamal Bhai Saree Sangam and my makeup was done by Neha Grover.”

Cocktail Party 

“This function too was hosted at Radisson Blu Kaushambi Delhi NCR, and this was the event where my friends and I had the most fun! All of us are very fond of dancing, and the cocktail party was the perfect opportunity for us to let our hair down and shake a leg. We were on the dance floor till 1:30 in the morning and at some point in the night I even broke my earring! I wore a deep blue gown from Kamal Bhai Saree Sangam for this function, and Neha Grover did my makeup for his event too.”


“The Umrao was the venue for our wedding and for the decor we made use of a lot of red and white flowers. Lighting was used creatively to bring in a sort of warmth to the setup, and the results were fantastic! There were a couple of endearing moments that stood out through the night, but a funny one was when Saurabh reacted to no one crying at my ‘bidaai’ (bridal farewell)! He was so prepared to be the one who comforted me when I was sobbing away that when I didn’t shed a tear, he was rather disappointed and even told me that I should have cried at least a little. A lehenga by Dolly J is what I wore for the ceremony, and my makeup was done by Leena Bhushan. Pieces of jewellery from Tanishq and Khanna Jewellers were matched with my outfit for the final look.”

Advice For Couples 

“Plan earlier and don’t keep anything for the last minute. Don’t feel the pressure to follow any trend. Instead, focus on exploring your tastes and go ahead with the vision you have in mind. Trends will come and go but if there is something that you love don’t be afraid of incorporating it into your event because your wedding will only come once.”

The Wedding Makers

Venues: Vivanta Surajkund, NCR, (Engagement), Radisson Blu Kaushambi Delhi NCR (Mehndi and Cocktail Party), The Umrao (Wedding) 

Bride’s Outfits: Payal Singhal (Engagement), Kamal Bhai Saree Sangam (Mehndi and Cocktail Party) Dolly J (Wedding) 

Jewellery: Tanishq, Khanna Jewellers 

Makeup Artist: Sakshi Sood (Engagement), Neha Grover (Mehndi and Cocktail Party), Leena Bhushan (Wedding) 

Mehndi: Raju Mehndiwala 

Photography: Dipak Studios


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